Each photo ordered from DigitalHoofprints.com is custom processed for the best print possible. These are the steps that your photo goes through on its journey from original to completed print.

The original digital image captured at the show may not be optimal for printing and framing. In this example, the subject framing and exposure can use some improvement.


The image is cropped to zoom in and frame the subject for the print size ordered, in this case 5x7.

Next, the image is color corrected, and exposure, brightness and contrast adjusted.

If needed, we then "touchup" the image by highlighting subject details (e.g. the face and eyes), sharpening, and removing imperfections.

The processed image is saved separately and used to fulfill your order. The original image remains untouched, should it be needed for future orders.

Custom cropping, silouetting and photo composition can be done to most images for an additional charge. Please contact us for more information.

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